Where Can You Find a Whale Species Chart Online?


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A whale species chart can be found online by visiting the Wild Whales organization site, and it can be downloaded for offline use, as well. The Smithsonian website also has a whale species chart, although it focuses only on the size comparisons between the whales.

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Both of these sites also have other detailed pages with information about the different whale species, as does the World Wildlife Fund. Although there are many different species of whales, all whales live in the ocean and spend most of their time underwater.However, all whales also breathe through lungs and must rise to the surface in order to breathe. This is why whales have blowholes on the top of their head. It also makes it possible for people to spot the whales while whale watching.

When it comes to the size comparison chart, the largest whale is the blue whale with a size ranging from 69 to 90 feet. In fact, the blue whale is "the largest animal on Earth," reports the Smithsonian.The next closet whale is the finback, with a size ranging from 72 to 82 feet. The right whale and sperm whale are next, with the right whale at 45 to 60 feet and the sperm whale at 35 to 60 feet. One of the smaller whales is the narwhal whale at 13 to 15 feet.

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