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Waterfowl is available for purchase at eFowl.com and HillviewExotics.net. eFowl.com is the website of a Minnesota-based farm and hatchery that hatches thousands of birds each year. It features day-old waterfowl for sale, such as ducklings, call ducks and goslings. The site also offers chickens, game birds and poultry products, as well as exotic pairs of birds, such as teal ducks, pheasants, mountain quail and Mandarin ducks. There is no minimum order on most breeds as of 2015.

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Site visitors to eFowl.com can search by waterfowl types, eggs, popularity and rarity. Each bird category has a description, illustration, quantity discount level, availability and customer ratings. Additionally, visitors can access supplies that include feeders and waterers, incubators, nesting boxes and starter kits. The company provides a comprehensive live arrival guarantee, and most orders are shipped in one to three weeks.

HillviewExotics.net offers waterfowl for sale, such as Indian runner ducks, khaki Campbell, mallards, Muscovy and geese. Each category features a photo gallery and detailed description that includes breeding and species information, egg-laying capacity, availability and price. The company also sells runner, mallard, chicken and domestic quail eggs locally. Surplus eggs are auctioned on eBay. Site visitors to HillviewExotics.com can access information on feeding waterfowl, permit requirements and a section on frequently asked questions.

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