What Can You Use to Treat Mites on Guinea Pigs?

Mites on guinea pigs can be treated with oral pastes, prescription dusts, sprays or injections. According to petMD, it is also important for guinea pig owners to disinfect their guinea pigs' cages on a regular basis in order to eradicate live mites and eggs and prevent re-infestation.

Lvermectin is a non-prescription treatment that is also used to treat fur mites. It is available at most farm or feed stores and consists of an oral paste. The paste also works to prevent parasites in guinea pigs.

Fur mites are naturally present in guinea pigs, but only in small amounts that do not irritate the host. It is only when the mite numbers are increased that irritation and infection occurs. An increase in fur mites can occur when a guinea pig is under stress or has low immunity levels due to illness. Illness often leads to decreased grooming practices, which in turn can lead to an increase in mites.

Symptoms of fur mites include increased itching, inflammation and fur loss. The underlying skin often becomes crusted over with an oily material. Mites typically burrow beneath the shoulders, neck and inner thighs. It is extremely important to treat fur mites as soon as possible, as untreated guinea pigs can suffer from weight loss, convulsions or death.