What can you use fake bugs for?


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Fake bugs can be used as Halloween decorations or to adorn a Halloween costume, such as mummy or a corpse, as well as for pranks. While some fake bugs look artificial, there are many available with true-to-life appearances.

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Fake bugs can also be used as part of a prank. Many people are afraid of bugs, even small ones. Some people like to see the reaction of a person who suddenly finds that there's a bug crawling in his hair or up the side of his leg. The more real a bug appears, the greater the chance that the prank goes as planned.

Fake bugs are also used as props for photography, film shoots and advertising campaigns. Most of the fake bugs used the film industry are created with great precision and artistry. Film Flies, a company located in Burbank, Calif., has supplied many popular Hollywood films, such as "Spiderman," with a variety of life-like insect replicas. The company's life-size reproductions are each individually made by hand. These replicas are made with exquisite details and are take a lot of time to create. As such, they are not available to the general public for purchase. Some of the creations the company has made for the movie industry are bees, mosquitoes, caterpillars, dragonflies, grasshoppers and scorpions.

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