What Can You Use for a Cat's Scabs on Its Head?


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Scabs on a cat's head and other feline skin problems can be treated with topical ointments, shampoos, waterless foams or homeopathic natural remedies. Most of the treatments safe and effective for treating scabs on a cat may only provide temporary relief of the symptoms and not cure the underlying cause. Any skin problems with a pet should be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian, especially if the condition is prone to secondary infections and may require an antibiotic prescription.

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There are multiple reasons scabs develop on cats, including allergic reactions, infections, parasites, stress and disease. A veterinarian can assist pet owners with proper treatments for each cause. Always consult a vet, especially if the condition worsens or is accompanied by hair loss, red skin or pus and oozing. In order to treat and cure a skin condition successfully, the underlying cause should be identified.

Some feline skin problems can be treated by using certain prescription pet shampoos. Cats generally do not like water, and bathing with shampoo can be challenging. For best results, the shampoo should remain in contact with the skin for 10 minutes and rinsed for 5 to 10 minutes every 3 to 14 days or as directed.

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