Can Turkeys Fly?

Wild turkeys are good fliers, but domesticated turkeys have no ability to fly. They have been bred to be heavy, and this prevents them from taking off and propelling themselves through the air.

Wild turkeys use short, fast flights to escape from predators. They use their strong legs to push off from the ground, which gives them enough momentum to start flying. In the air, wild turkeys are able to reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. They are also fast runners, while domesticated turkeys are not. The top land speed of a wild turkey is about 25 miles per hour. There are other differences between the two types of turkeys. Those in the wild are generally much quieter so that they do not reveal themselves to predators. The dark feathers of wild turkeys provide some camouflage within their environment. Domesticated turkeys are often white-feathered because feather color and skin color are connected.