How Can You Treat a Narcoleptic Dog?


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Narcoleptic dogs are sometimes treated with medication if attacks are frequent or occur in potentially dangerous situations, according to petMD. Medication can control duration and frequency of narcoleptic episodes. Treatment also includes determining patterns to predict when episodes may occur and keeping a narcoleptic dog calm.

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Reviewing typical times of day for episodes, foods eaten and activities performed before episodes can help predict the timing of future narcoleptic episodes, notes petMD. Supervising a narcoleptic dog when activities can make it vulnerable to danger during an episode helps ensure the dog's safety. Additionally, keeping narcoleptic dogs out of stressful situations, like meeting new people and animals, can help prevent occurrences of narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder that causes brief unconsciousness, low energy and frequent drowsiness, according to petMD. Episodes are typically brief and end with no medical intervention. Narcolepsy in dogs is not typically caused by another medical condition, and it is not fatal. Episodes can last for up to half an hour and happen when a dog is playing or eating. Excitement in a narcoleptic dog can trigger an episode. A dog suffering from a narcoleptic attack usually collapses and stops moving as if it is sleeping. The condition is hereditary in some breeds. In other dogs, the cause is often unknown.

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