How Can You Track the Migration of Hummingbirds?


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A tracking map and sightings for hummingbird migration is available at Hummingbird-Guide.com and Learner.org. Hummingbird-Guide.com provides interactive maps and a list of sightings that site visitors can use to track the migration path of different hummingbird species. The site enables visitors to determine when hummingbirds are due to arrive in their area in the spring migration of 2016. It features a table of dates for each state that is compiled using data from site visitors as of 2015.

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Hummingbird-Guide.com also hosts a list of hummingbird sightings by users that occurred in the fall of 2015.

At Learner.org, site visitors can post their hummingbird sightings and watch the spring migration of 2016 unfold. This site provides real-time maps, field notes from observers, photo galleries and slideshows, video clips and articles. Spring species covered are the ruby-throated hummingbird in Canada and the eastern United States, the rufous hummingbird in the western United States and Canada, and other common species found both in the United States and Canada. Site users can post their observations and photos as hummingbirds move through their area.

Experts believe that hummingbirds are sensitive to changes in daylight hours and a decrease in flowers and insects in the weeks before they make their migration. A hummingbird gains 25 to 40 percent of its body weight, feeding constantly before starting out on its long journey.

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