How can you tell if a dog has a tick bite?


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Ticks can be found on dogs by doing a thorough body check, according to PetMD. Ticks generally congregate in dark areas and are usually found under the collar, under the tail, around the anus, between the toes or along the genitals.

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How can you tell if a dog has a tick bite?
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Using fingers or a fine-toothed comb, gently brush along the dog's body, feeling for any bumps that may indicate a tick's presence. The tick's body can grow up to the size of a small pea, swelling as it gorges on blood. A dog may also indicate the presence of ticks by scratching or licking certain areas excessively and repeatedly. The area around the tick bite may be red or swollen.

Ticks are also attracted to the inside of the ear. The outer ear canal can be inspected visually, but if a dog still seems irritated, a veterinarian may need to examine the inner ear canal with an otoscope. During a tick inspection, the ears must always be examined.

Once a tick is found, utmost caution must be taken in its removal. Removing only part of the tick can cause problems. When removing a tick, the tweezers grasp as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull away in a straight motion. The small wound remaining should be disinfected and bandaged.

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