How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Diabetes?


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Common symptoms of canine diabetes include increased urination and increased thirst, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. However, you must take your dog to a veterinarian for blood and urine tests to get a definitive diagnosis.

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How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Diabetes?
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Many dogs with diabetes also have an increased appetite, but they may lose weight despite eating more, according to WebMD. Dogs with diabetes also may develop secondary problems, such as chronic skin infections and urinary tract infections. Some dogs get cataracts or other vision problems. You may notice that your dog suddenly has very sweet breath that may smell fruity. Vomiting is also sometimes associated with diabetes.

If you suspect your dog has diabetes, it is important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible, notes WebMD. Be prepared with a list of symptoms you have noticed because your veterinarian may need them to make a diagnosis. You also need to inform your veterinarian about any chronic illnesses or medications your dog takes because some of these may be linked to diabetes. Your veterinarian may examine your dog to rule out other physical causes for these symptoms, draw blood and take a urine sample for testing.

Most dogs with diabetes have a good prognosis, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Lifestyle changes, such as a modified diet and increased exercise, can help control it. Many dogs need insulin injections as well, which are typically given twice a day.

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