How Can You Tell If a Chameleon Is Pregnant?

When a chameleon is pregnant, she is round, lumpy and clumsy. Pregnant chameleons change colors to a pattern that alerts male chameleons that she is not available for mounting. If she is small, monitor her to see if she is digging for a place to bury her eggs.

If the chameleon is live-bearing, she remains pregnant for about six months, and she pushes her babies out onto branches or onto the floor. The birthing process lasts from 30 minutes to two hours.

When the babies are born, they are encased in a membrane from which they need to emerge. High humidity helps them emerge, but if they are having a hard time, pick them up and drop them gently again to stimulate the emergence. If the babies are half-emerged, it is OK to gently remove the membrane with a damp cotton swab.

Some of the babies may appear stillborn, but they may not have fully emerged from the membrane. After the babies are born, remove them from the cage so that the chameleon does not eat them. Supply the mother with plenty of water and dusted insects to keep her healthy.

If the chameleon isn't live-bearing, monitor her eggs, as some of them may be unfertilized.