How Can You Tell If a Bearded Dragon Is Male or Female?

While it can be difficult to differentiate between male and female bearded dragons as hatchlings, adult males have a series of visible holes on the underside of their back legs and bulges around the anus. Care must be taken when raising the tail to check for bulges, since raising it too far risks breaking the animal's spine. Male bearded dragons also tend to be bigger than females, with significantly larger heads and beards.

There is also a difference in head bobbing behavior between the two genders, which is faster in males than it is in females. Typically, a male bearded dragon will initiate a rapid head bobbing display, and a female will respond more slowly.

If keeping just one bearded dragon, the sex is largely irrelevant to the animal's needs and temperament, albeit that females are generally more docile than males. The sex becomes more important when keeping more than one bearded dragon together. Two or more male bearded dragons, for instance, are prone to aggression and fights. While this is rare between females, it is not unheard of. More commonly, however, a harmonious and hierarchical relationship will emerge between two or more females. Meanwhile, if a male and female are kept together, they will produce eggs.