Where Can You Find Teddy Bear Puppies for Adoption?

Adoptable teddy bear puppies are sometimes found on pet adoption sites, such as Petfinder and Adopt A Pet. Some dog rescue groups dedicated to saving and finding homes for teddy bear puppies also accept applications from people who want to adopt a teddy bear puppy or dog.

Adoptable teddy bear puppies on Petfinder or Adopt A Pet are searchable on either site's home page. Neither site lists teddy bear puppies as a specific breed, so it is best to search for shih tzus or bichon frises and then check for mixed breeds on the list of adoptable pets.

Teddy bear puppies are usually a mix of shih tzus and bichon frises. They can be also be a mix of small dog breeds and medium-sized breeds, such as goldendoodles, standard poodles and cocker spaniels. Their small size and sweet nature make them adorable pets suited to living in apartments or large houses.