How Can You Teach Bird Identification?

can-teach-bird-identification Credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Some basic techniques to teach identification include studying the different groupings of birds, observing birds, exploring bird identification resources and learning about specific birds to build overall bird knowledge. Birds are all categorized into groups with other birds sharing similar characteristics. Starting by studying basic bird groupings is a valuable step in bird identification. Ornithology is the official name of the study of birds.

Delving into specific types of birds is another step that can be enhanced with the proper tools. Use bird identification cards to learn interesting facts, such as habitat, feeding methods and mating habits of specific birds, along with pictures of the bird. Watching videos available online to enhance overall bird knowledge is also a great method of learning bird identification. There are also many online videos that show professional birders identifying birds and the steps they take to do so.

Get out into the world and observe birds in their natural setting to help learn how to identify birds. Sitting near a bird feeder or heading out into the woods or a nature preserve are easy ways to experience bird sightings. Take notes, sketch birds and use bird identification books to work to identify birds encountered in everyday life.