Where Can You Swim With Dolphins in Florida?


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There are multiple organizations that facilitate swimming with dolphins in Florida, and many of these organizations have websites that feature details such as costs and locations. An example of an organization that facilitates swimming with dolphins in Florida is Dolphin Cove, a marine education and dolphin swim facility located in Key Largo. It offers a wide range of options that pertain to learning about and swimming with dolphins.

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Dolphin Cove offers structured dolphin swims, which begin with a 30- to 45-minute educational course about dolphins moments before interaction with them takes place. One-on-one contact is guaranteed as part of the package, and participants are treated to handshakes, belly rubs and dorsal tows with the dolphins. Children must be accompanied by adults for this package, but professional supervision is provided by a qualified dolphin trainer. Other options include natural dolphin swims, in which participants simply pay to swim in the lagoon with the dolphins but are not guaranteed any specific kind of interaction, and shallow-water dolphin encounters, in which participants stand in shallow water while dolphins approach them to socialize and partake in handshakes, kisses and body rubs. Like the structured dolphin swims, professional supervision is provided by qualified dolphin trainers in both cases.

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