How Can You Stop a Dog From Digging?

Stopping a dog from digging requires giving your dog more exercise, supervision and mental stimulation to eliminate the dog's bored digging behavior. If efforts to stop digging are unsuccessful, consider asking a veterinarian for suggestions.

  1. Monitor your dog in the yard

    Supervise the dog at all times, whether he is on walks or in the yard. Stop the dog when he starts to dig by distracting him with a ball or toy. Interrupting the dog from digging behavior and getting him to focus on play time prevents him from digging new holes.

  2. Walk the dog

    Take the dog on longer or more frequent walks to physically tire him out. Walking for at least 45 minutes per day is ideal for most dogs. Jogging or rollerblading with the dog is also beneficial for dogs with high energy.

  3. Give the dog mental stimulation

    Spend some time with the dog teaching him new commands. Physical exercise alone may not tire out your dog. Teach and reinforce wanted behavior for a few minutes about three times a day to tire out a bored dog.

  4. Ask the vet if necessary

    Call the vet and schedule an appointment if the digging is excessive or the dog shows signs of anxiety. If the dog's behavior does not improve, he may be suffering from anxiety or another condition.