Where Can You Find Step-by-Step Pictures of Grooming a Shih-Poo?


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EHow provides several tutorials on grooming a shih-poo, and many feature step-by-step instructions with pictures. The book "Shih Poo Complete Owner's Manual" by Elliot Lang also provides information on shih-poo care, including grooming. If video is acceptable, YouTube is also a good resource.

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Shih-poos are a hybrid of the shih tzu and poodle breeds. They are not a recognized dog breed and have no set breed standards. Due to this inconsistency, you may find a variety of coats on each dog. Some may have dense, textured curly coats like a poodle or more relaxed, smooth coats like a shih tzu, while most have coats that are somewhere in between. A competent groomer can guide an owner in choosing the best grooming methods for their shih-poos.

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