How can you spot a sandbar shark?


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The sandbar shark, also known as the brown shark, is distinguished by its behavior as well as its appearance. The body of the sandbar shark can grow up to 7 feet long by adulthood.

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A sandbar shark has a brownish or dark-gray colored body and whitish belly, with a rounded snout and tall dorsal fin that is triangular in shape. The fins of the shark are typically darker in color than the rest of the shark's body, according to MarineBio. The shark is a bottom feeder, and therefore spends a great deal of time cruising along the bottom of the ocean. They eat fish and invertebrates that are bottom dwellers such as blue crabs, according to the Chesapeake Bay Program. The sharks can be spotted in waters that are sheltered or protected such as bays, harbors, river mouths and those areas with sandy bottoms. These sharks do not venture into fresh water and remain in areas with warmer water. In the summer and fall, schools of young sandbar sharks are found in Chesapeake Bay and along the shores of Massachusetts. While the shark is not known to attack humans, people must take extra care when they spot a sandbar shark.

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