How Can You Find a Sphynx Cat for Adoption?


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Breed specific rescues offer adoptable Sphynxes. Adoptable cats are also available through mainstream pet adoption services such as Petfinder.com and AdoptaPet.com, which connect potential adopters with rescues and other organizations offering Sphynx cats available for adoption.

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How Can You Find a Sphynx Cat for Adoption?
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Some breed-specific rescues include Sphynxrescue.org, PureBredCatRescue.org and Sphynx.Rescueme.org. Many larger rescues take in Sphynxes at some time or another, but do not consistently offer them for adoption. A call to one of these large organizations not only provides information on any Sphynxes they may have available, but can also result in a list of local specialty breed rescues that focus on rescuing the Sphynx.

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