Can a Snow Leopard Be Kept As a Pet?

can-snow-leopard-kept-pet Credit: Daniel Cox/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

A snow leopard cannot be kept as a pet. They are wild animals that require plenty of food and space to thrive and stay healthy.

The snow leopard is native to the mountains of central Asia. It is an endangered species that likes to live at higher elevations of 9,800 to 14,800 feet. The snow leopard is a carnivore that actively hunts its prey but will also eat domestic livestock and carrion when the opportunity presents itself. It is not uncommon for a snow leopard, despite being a carnivore, to dine on foods such as grass and twigs on occasion.

Generally, snow leopards, like many other large cats, do not make good pets. They are often aggressive and need more space than humans can adequately provide.