Can Snakes Climb Walls?


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Most species of snake can climb walls and trees easily when looking for shelter or when hunting prey. This makes snakes pests to some people who find them climbing up their walls in order to hide out in their attic or climbing over privacy fences to chase birds or squirrels.

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Luckily for people worried about the snakes in their home, snakes are unable to transmit illnesses, meaning that if a snake has a disease, it cannot be picked up by the person. If a person sees a snake climbing their house wall or around their home, then it most often means that there are rodent pests in the area, such as mice and rats. To get rid of the snake, get rid of the pests first and the snakes will leave the area. If the snake is able to get into an attic or other shelter space, make sure that those areas are closed off and the snakes will leave the area on their own.

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