Can You Find Sharks in Destin, Florida?


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Though it is rare to actually catch a shark while fishing, Destin, Florida is home to mako, hammerhead, bull and thresher shark species. Those looking into shark fishing should know that they may not actually successfully catch a shark, as this sport takes a great amount of patience and luck.

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Hammerhead sharks are typically found off the Emerald Coast, which includes Destin, Florida. Mako sharks can be found from the shoreline to 150 meters deep. These sharks are extreme predators that strike prey at 30 miles an hour. They feed on mackerel, tuna, bonito and swordfish.

Bull sharks are often associated with attacks on humans. They live close to shore and are indiscriminate regarding food sources. Thresher sharks hit their prey with their characteristic long tail to stun them. This species lives in water up to 500 meters deep.

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