How Can I Set up a Turtle Tank?

can-set-up-turtle-tank Credit: Scholastic Studio 10/Taxi/Getty Images

A turtle needs an aquarium that contains both water and dry land, and the tank should also contain a basking light and a good water filtration system. A turtle tank should be large enough to accommodate the turtle when it reaches adulthood.

To set up a turtle tank:

  1. Choose a location where the tank will not be easily bumped.
  2. Thoroughly wash the tank before adding the water and decorations.
  3. Add the land area that includes a ramp to make it easily accessible to the turtle.
  4. Clean all decorations and land areas thoroughly before adding them to the tank.

Be sure any decorations added are large enough to prevent the turtle from swallowing them. Once the water and decorations have been added, the lights and filtration system may be installed. The turtle should be the final addition to the tank.

The tank will need to be cleaned once a month to keep the turtle healthy and happy.