How Can You See Where Waterfowl Migratory Pathways Are?

How Can You See Where Waterfowl Migratory Pathways Are?

To see where waterfowl migratory pathways are, visit the websites for wildlife organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Other organizations that provide migratory flyway maps include and Ducks Unlimited.

The National Wildlife Federation provides a map of the four major migratory pathways, which are also called flyways, on its website. The NWF website also offers information about the geography of waterfowl flyways.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service publishes a basic waterfowl migration path map, and provides links to the governmental associations responsible for managing each flyway. Many of the links on the U.S. FWS website direct to, a collaborative website that brings together information from waterfowl managers around the country.

At, visitors can view both administrative and biological flyway maps. The administrative maps divide the flyways by state. The biological flyway map represents the actual paths that waterfowl groups take as they migrate, and shows the places where different paths intersect during migration. also provides information about different types of waterfowl in the United States.

The Ducks Unlimited website publishes a simple flyway map. Visitors can also read about the Ducks Unlimited conservation projects in each of the four flyways.