When Can You See Hummingbirds in Your Area?


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Hummingbirds begin migrating north in early March and can be seen in southern U.S. states during that time. Hummingbirds can be seen in northern U.S. states and Canada starting in late April or early May.

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When Can You See Hummingbirds in Your Area?
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If a backyard is set up to attract hummingbirds, it is easier to see them when they are due in that area. Planting flowering plants, particularly those in red and orange hues, is likely to bring hummingbirds to a garden. Setting up and maintaining a nectar feeder during the spring months in the eastern United States also facilitates hummingbird viewing. Hummingbirds are rarely seen in the United States during winter months, usually only if the birds are ill or injured.

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