Where Can You See Bald Eagles in Person?

Where Can You See Bald Eagles in Person?

Bald eagles can be seen during winter throughout much of the continental United States, with the largest concentration found in the Klamath Basin. This is located on the border of California and Oregon.

Bald eagles typically live near rivers because fish make up most of their diet. There are populations in every state except Hawaii. Bald eagles are plentiful on Alaskan waterways, but there they are seen during the summer and migrate south for the winter.

Although bald eagles are not common in large cities, they can be found nearby. There are large winter populations on the Hudson River, just a short drive from Manhattan. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is also home to several nests.

In the middle of the country, Oklahoma is a good spot for viewing bald eagles. They nest near many rivers and lakes, including the Keystone Reservoir near Tulsa. The upper Mississippi River also hosts a large population during the winter, especially around man-made structures such as locks and dams. These cause fish populations to build up, leading to easy hunting for the eagles.

People looking for bald eagle viewing spots can contact wildlife refuges in their area to find out if bald eagles nest in that location. Some zoos are also home to bald eagles.