Where Can You Find Scottish Fold Cats for Sale?


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Scottish Fold kittens may be bought from breeders, many of whom are listed on the website of The International Cat Association. They are also available from individuals advertising through ScottishFoldLove.com, which is a good source for information about the breed and for contact information for breeders and individuals selling kittens.

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Purchase Scottish Fold kittens from reputable breeders or from individuals who have the kitten's pedigree papers to ensure that kittens are well cared for and healthy and that they have been properly bred. Scottish Fold cats cannot be bred to other Scottish Folds; doing so puts kittens at risk for genetic illness. Reputable breeders know this and practice accordingly. ScottishFoldLove.com has a list of individuals who have purebred Scottish Fold kittens and cats for sale or adoption as well as a comprehensive, vetted breeder list. .

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