Where Can You Find Russian Blue Kittens?

Some shelters that have Russian Blue cats ready for adoption include Cat Crusade Adoption & Rescue, Brown Animal Rescue, Operation CatSnip of KY, Inc., Sibling and Kitty Adoptions and Pet Project, according to the pet adoption website Petfinder. Russian Blue cats are gentle pets that are often reserved in the presence of strangers.

Russian Blue cats are polite and well-behaved pets, says Petfinder. People can easily train them to stay out of prohibited areas, such as counters. They are affectionate and playful with their owners. They are fond of chasing sunbeams or retrieving a favorite toy. Although they can entertain themselves, they like to play with their owners. Russian Blue cats follow their owners around the house but are not obtrusive. They prefer to do their usual routine and dislike changes in the environment more than other cats.

Petfinder states that the most distinctive feature of Russian Blue cats is their smooth double coat that looks silky and plush and is so dense that it stands out from the body. Their fur bears silver tipping that reflects light and gives the coat a silver glimmer. Although they have a short double coat, it is essential to groom them regularly to maintain the coat's best appearance. North American registries only accept the blue color, although other colors are recognized in Australia, England and New Zealand.