How Can You Get Rid of Turkey Buzzards?

Turkey buzzards can be gotten rid of through the use of effigies, repetitive loud noises and sprinklers. A professional bird remover or the Federal Wildlife Services may need to be called for assistance with a large population of them.

The turkey buzzard is a protected migratory bird, making it illegal to shoot or attempt to kill it without a permit. Luckily, there are other ways of getting rid of a single bird or a group of birds.

  1. Hang an effigy
  2. Buzzards are carrion eaters, but will not eat their own dead as they are typically very communal birds. Consider getting a stuffed bird from the taxidermist or hanging a fake bird upside down from the roosting spot.

  3. Trim or cut down trees
  4. If the buzzards are roosting in trees on the property, consider cutting those trees down or thinning out their branches. This literally removes the problem by removing the roosting spots of the birds.

  5. Harass with sound
  6. Wait until late afternoon and head out to start harassing the birds by making loud noises. Yell, clap hands, play a siren or even set off firecrackers, if legally allowed. Remember that these birds are protected, so do not throw the firecrackers at the birds. Just set them off below the roosts. Property owners can spray the buzzards with water sprinklers to upset them and get them to disburse.