How Can You Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Yard?

can-rid-squirrels-yard Credit: Susanna Chan Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Some methods to get rid of squirrels in the yard include using squirrel repellent, using ultrasonic deterrent devices, using traps and flooding their burrows. Poising squirrels is typically the least effective method and is actually illegal in some states.

There are a variety of commercial squirrel repellents that can applied around the yard to drive off squirrels. These repellents typically contain either predator urine or hot pepper extract. Extermination site Pest Kill recommends the products Squirrel Away, Scoot Squirrel and Squirrel B Gone. There are also electronic squirrel repellents. These device emit ultrasonic frequencies that aggravate squirrels and drive them away.

Using squirrel traps is another highly effective method to get rid of squirrels. Squirrel traps are a humane solution that allow homeowners to relocate the squirrels without harming them. Trapping is a very popular method, but it may be difficult to catch all of the squirrels using traps. Combing traps with other repellents can be an effective solution to completely get rid of squirrels in the yard.

A more drastic solution for removing squirrels is to flood their burrows. If homeowners can locate the squirrels’ burrow, flooding it can cause the squirrels to leave the property in search of a new home.

Eliminating or squirrel-proofing items in the yard that attract squirrels is another possible solution. Squirrels are commonly drawn to bird feeders, but there are many squirrel-proof options available.