How Can You Rescue a FIV-Positive Cat?


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While feline immunodeficiency virus has no cure, FIV-positive cats can live full, healthy lives if their owners provide them with proper care. FIV-positive cats should only live indoors and owners should take extra precautions to avoid exposing the cats to infections.

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FIV-positive cats are more susceptible to infections and can die or become seriously ill from infections that would be minor health issues for FIV-negative cats. Because of their susceptibility to secondary infections, FIV-positive cats need more frequent health checkups and should live indoors to avoid exposure to infectious diseases. Avoid raw food diets for FIV-positive cats to reduce the risk of food-borne illness. FIV-positive cats should have veterinary checkups twice a year and receive immediate veterinary care whenever they exhibit any signs of illness.

Another major concern with FIV-positive cats is reducing the chances of spreading the disease. FIV is not communicable from cats to any other species, but FIV-positive cats can spread the disease to other cats through mating or skin-piercing bites. Spay or neuter FIV-positive cats to prevent spreading the disease through mating. Cats rarely bite and pierce the skin of other cats they know, but FIV-negative cats may be at risk of getting the disease when a new cat joins a household.

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