Where Can You Find Rescue Birds for Adoption?


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The Internet offers a variety of places to find birds available for adoption, such as, Rescue Me, Petfinder and various other rescue sites. Rescue Me provides a quick link showing how many birds are available in each state through an interactive map where users click on the states number to find out what type of birds are available for adoption.

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Where Can You Find Rescue Birds for Adoption?
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Many different varieties of birds are kept in captivity as pets, but some pet owners do not know how to care for them properly, or changes in their lives creates a burden where they must separate from their feathered friends. This is where places like Avian Welfare Coalition come in, they offer valuable information to owners who wish to surrender birds as well as potential pet owners who wish to adopt.

Rescue Me and Petfinder offer exotic tropical birds, such as cockatiels and parrots as well as other varieties, like doves, parakeets, finches and pigeons. With so many birds available for adoption, new bird owners should consider adoption instead of buying a new one as their first feathered pet.

Petfinder provides a list of birds by breed, or closest breed match, when a desired breed is clicked, a box requiring a ZIP code pops up and the birds offering a match will be displayed in order from closest to the entered location to the farthest.

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