Where can you find reputable Rottweiler breeders?


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Veterinarians are usually able to recommend a reputable rottweiler breeder in the area. Prospective rottweiler owners can also frequent local dog shows and visit local breed clubs to get a referral to a trustworthy breeder.

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Where can you find reputable Rottweiler breeders?
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The American Kennel Club maintains a list of all registered breeders in the United States, which makes the AKC website a good source for a breeder referral. The Humane Society of the United States, however, recommends that interested rottweiler buyers check the breeder's location and see to it that the breeding dogs and the puppies are kept in well-maintained, clean and spacious conditions. Reputable rottweiler breeders understand that the breed requires extensive training and socialization from early puppyhood, so see to it that the puppies and dogs are in a place where all their breed-specific needs are met.

Unlike puppy mills, where profits are placed over the well-being of the animals, a responsible breeder breeds only a few types of dogs and is knowledgeable about the breed and its special requirements. A reputable breeder should also be able to provide the veterinary records and documentation of each dog as well as to inform the interested individual about the dog's history, including developmental problems inherent to the breed or any issues that may have been passed from the grandparents to the current puppies.

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