How Can You Remove a Tick From a Dog's Skin?


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First, gather tweezers or a tick removal tool, gloves, antiseptic and isopropyl alcohol. Then, carefully use the tweezers or tick remover to grab the tick, taking care not to leave anything behind. Store the tick in a container with the alcohol, and then give your dog a treat.

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When removing a tick, some considerations must be kept in mind. Ticks are not just found on dogs, so care must be taken when removing them so that ticks that were not spotted do not transfer onto you. Check everywhere on a dog's body for ticks, even in crevices that are hard to see. Use gloves when performing this search. When dealing with larger dogs, you may need help keeping the dog calm and still, so it's a good idea to enlist the help of a partner who can soothe the dog or help hold it down.

It is also important to monitor your dog for signs of tick-borne diseases after removing the tick. If you desire, you can save the removed tick for a few days in case these symptoms show up. A veterinarian can more easily diagnose the cause of the symptoms and check the tick for evidence of the disease if they have access to one.

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