Where Can You Find Recordings of Moose Sounds?

Where Can You Find Recordings of Moose Sounds?

Recordings of moose sounds are available on SoundBible.com, Soundboard.com, Moosetique.com and the Google Play website. Moose call to each other to attract mates or to challenge each other for territory. Hunters often make moose calls or use pre-recorded moose calls to draw the animals towards them to get a clear shot.

Recorded by wildlife experts in Minnesota, one moose call on SoundBible.com runs for 11 seconds; the cow's call comes in two wailing grunts of about four seconds each with a three-second pause in between. Soundboard.com contains a repertoire of 12 moose calls. As of 2015, users can download a call for a small fee.

Moosetique.com has four basic moose calls. One recording features a female moose sound echoing throughout the area over several seconds. A short, two-second bull grunt sounds much softer. An angry moose call has several short, loud grunts.

Hunters can also take the sounds of moose with them through the moose hunting calls app from Pico Brothers. Users simply swipe up or down on their phone to select the appropriate moose sound.

Humans can imitate moose sounds by cupping their hands around their mouths and calling out into the forest. In addition to moose calls, hunters often make a raking noise that mimics the sound of antlers brushing up against trees.