Where Can You Find Pygmy Goats for Sale in Texas?

Pygmy goats are available for sale in Texas at LonestarPygmy.com and FlatRockFarm.org. LonestarPygmy.com offers dwarf Nigerian, Nubian and black Spanish goats for sale. Site visitors can check for birthing updates and view photos of goats available as of 2015. The site hosts general information and facts about Nigerian pygmy goats

Flat Rock Farm is has been breeding purebred Nigerian dwarf dairy goats since 1987 and sells all kids with an ADGA registration. Site visitors to FlatRockFarm.org can access photos of breeding sires and dams, a kidding schedule and the farm’s sales policy.

Pygmy goats are a small species that can range from 16 to 23 inches tall. They are good jumpers and leapers and appreciate climbing elements in their surroundings. They also enjoy water and are naturally good swimmers.