What Can You Put on Dogs and Cats to Prevent Fleas?


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WebMD recommends using spot-on products, such as Frontline Plus, Advantage, Stronghold or Revolution, and medicines such as Program or Capstar to prevent fleas on dogs and cats. Experts consider these products safer and easier to use than flea collars, powders and shampoos. Spot-on products contain active ingredients such as Fipronil, Imidacloprid, or Selamectin.

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What Can You Put on Dogs and Cats to Prevent Fleas?
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Pet owners can purchase spot-on products online or from their vets in packs of sealed, single-dose applications. A pet owner opens the applicator or tube, parts her pet's hair between its shoulder blades and squeezes the entire contents directly onto the bare skin in the same spot for small or medium sized pets, and in two or three spots for larger dogs.

Program flea tablets are a monthly treatment that owners can mix into their pets' food or administer orally. The tabs contain Iufenuron that prevents flea eggs and larvae developing into fleas. Owners can use them in addition to spot-on treatments to help ensure pets stay flea-free.

Owners can mix Capstar flea pills with food or give them orally on a daily basis. The fast-acting formula contains the chemical nitenpyram that kills most fleas within four hours of treatment. In addition to treating existing infestations, an owner can administer her pet a dose of Capstar as a precautionary measure to prevent infestation brought into her home by visiting friends' or relatives' pets.

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