What Can You Put on a Dog's Sore Place?


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Treat open sores with nonirritating cleansers, such as Vetericyn, and prescription ointments obtained from a veterinarian to help soothe the irritated skin and prevent infection. Joint or muscle pain may be treated with arnica ointment.

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The exact treatment of a dog's sore spot depends on the cause. If parasite or fungal infection is creating the soreness, the best treatment is a drug that kills the parasite or fungus. Once the root cause has been destroyed, the damaged skin can begin to heal.

Another common cause of sore spots in dogs are allergic reactions. The sores that develop from these are known as hot spots, and common treatments include antihistamines. Dietary and lifestyle changes to remove the underlying allergen may be necessary. Owners should also prevent the dog from licking or chewing the spots, which may require the use of a special collar. Topical anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications may also be prescribed by the veterinarian.

Topical treatments for muscle pain are more limited, but providing the dog with comfortable places to lay and limiting activity can help. Applying ice packs or heating pads can also help temporarily relieve pain. Minor strains should go away quickly, but more severe injuries may need a brace, anti-inflammatory drugs or other treatment from a veterinarian.

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