What Can I Put on the Carpet to Keep the Dog From Peeing on It?

can-put-carpet-keep-dog-peeing Credit: Blend Images - LWA/Dann Tardif/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Spraying a solution of equal parts vinegar and equal parts water on the areas of the carpet where the dog has previously relieved himself helps to prevent the dog from repeating his behavior. Dogs are offended by vinegar odor. This solution can also be sprayed on the entire carpet during the house training process to prevent dogs from urinating on the carpet altogether.

Dogs often urinate on the carpet during the house training phase, but in certain cases, medical issues cause an animal to urinate repeatedly inside the home at unusual times. Urinary tract infections, a weakened or underdeveloped sphincter muscle, and medications are all culprits for incontinence, so it is important for a dog owner to rule out any medical condition prior to disciplining the pet.

Anxious dogs tend to urinate on spots in which they sense an "enemy." For instance, if a particular member of the household causes the animal fear, he instinctively urinates in that area. This practice also occurs when a beloved member of the household has passed on, and the dog senses the person's aroma on bedding, furniture and carpeting. Additional causes for anxious urination include separation issues. It is extremely common for a pet to urinate on beds, furniture and carpeting when he feels he has been abandoned by his owner.