How Can You Find a Pure White Husky?


Pure-white Siberian huskies are less common than other coat varieties, but they should not be difficult to find from a reputable kennel. Most huskies have at least some white markings, particularly on the feet, the tail tip and the face. The Siberian husky's coat is extremely thick and contains two layers. The top layer is composed of straight guard hairs while the undercoat is much denser.

Male Siberian huskies can reach almost 24 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh up to 60 pounds. Although this breed can be classified as large, the Alaskan malamute is the largest of all Arctic dog breeds. The triangular ears, narrow, long snout and bushy tail of the Siberian husky make it a dog breed comparable in appearance to the wolf.

Like other northern dog breeds, the Siberian husky has a strong prey instinct and can be a threat to household pets and strays if it was not properly socialized in its early months. A Siberian husky's eyes are often blue but can be shades of brown, green or even have heterochromia.

Siberian huskies are generally playful and loving. They do not make good watch dogs due to their affinity for people. Although its disposition makes it a friendly companion, the Siberian husky's Arctic heritage can make it difficult if its master is not assertive or respected enough.