Where Can You Purchase a Pet Teacup Pig?


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Teacup pigs can be purchased as pets from various livestock farms and breeders such as Paradise Family Farm and from the Teacup Pigs for Sale website. Before buying a pig as a pet, make sure that local laws allow pigs to be held as pets, as some areas treat all pig types as livestock that can only be held on farms, according to The Dodo.

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Teacup pigs are highly intelligent animals that are able to be potty trained and taught to obey commands. These animals may be able to be purchased matured or as piglets from local farms or livestock breeders, such as from the Paradise Family Farm, or from larger breeders like the pampered teacup piglets found on the Teacup Pigs for Sale website. While Paradise Family Farm sells a variety of unique animals, the Teacup Pigs for Sale organization specializes only in piglets.

Teacup pigs require a lot of space, preferably outdoor space, to run, play and dig. Furthermore, it is possible for these pigs to actually grow up to be over 100 pounds. Before buying a teacup pig, make sure that there is plenty of room for the pig to grow and interact with other animals, and be prepared for the pig to grow larger than the breeder suggests, as the pigs are actually a type of potbellied pig.

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