Where Can You Purchase Farm Pigs for Sale?


Feeder pigs can usually be found through classified advertising in local newspapers. Pigs intended for breeding should be selected more carefully and obtained through a reputable pig farm with a good breeding program.

Feeder pigs are pigs that are bought with the intent of butchering them. They are usually sold when they are weaned at 8 weeks and butchered at about 6 months of age. Some pigs are offered for sale at 6 weeks old but this often results in a smaller size and more health problems.

In addition to newspapers, feeder pigs are often offered for sale in local farm journals or on online classified sites such as Craigslist. Some farmers also post fliers on community bulletin boards at local feed stores, farm co-ops or other livestock-oriented businesses. Asking the employees at feed stores also can be good for finding leads on good feeder pigs for sale. They can also be found at livestock auctions.

Breeding pigs can sometimes be found at livestock auctions, but this is a risky way to buy them as some farmers try to sell pigs unsuitable for breeding at these auctions. Most farms periodically offer breeding stock for sale and are the best way to buy breeding pigs. They can be located by looking up the breed registry and finding the breeder's directory, which generally lists all registered breeders.