Where Can You Purchase Beehives?

Where Can You Purchase Beehives?

Some places to purchase beehives are HoneyBeesOnline.com, BuildaBeehive.com, BeeThinking.com, HoneyFlow.com and Amazon.com. Fully assembled beehives, beehive kits, bee feeders, tools and accessories and beekeeping equipment can be purchased online. Both BeeThinking.com and HoneyBeesOnline.com also sell packages of bees.

BuildaBeehive.com was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Long Beach, California. It sells beekeeping starter kits, budget beehives, beekeeping equipment and fully assembled beehives. Its most inclusive kit comes with a fully assembled beehive, a complete protective suit, two books on beekeeping, a subscription to the "American Bee Journal," a smoker and more.

BeeThinking.com, which was founded in 2008, sells foundationless beehives made from kiln-dried Western Red Cedar at its mill in Portland, Oregon. In addition to beehives, bees and beekeeping accessories, BeeThinking.com sells gifts such as honey, soap, candles and T-shirts.

HoneyBeesOnline.com is based in Fairmount, Illinois, and offers beehives, beekeeping equipment, winter feeders, packages of bees and gifts and apparel. It also sells equipment for rearing queen bees. HoneyBeesOnline.com co-founder and Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns, teaches beekeeping classes in Fairmount each month. David Burns has authored a book, "Beekeeping, Getting Your Bees Through the Winter," which is available on the website and on Amazon.com.

HoneyFlow.com offers a Flow™ Hive that includes everything people need to assemble the hive. It features a clear end-frame view that enables beekeepers to see when the honey is ready. This hive includes a Flow™ Key that users turn to allow the honey to flow directly into a jar. Extracting honey by this method does not involve heavy lifting or special extraction equipment and is less stressful for the bees.