Where Can You Purchase Baby Kittens Online?


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Kittens are available for purchase at AnimalLeague.org and KittenRescue.org. AnimalLeague.org is the website of the North Shore Animal League, a Long Island-based no-kill rescue and adoption center.

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North Shore Animal League rescues cats and kittens from overcrowded shelters, unwanted litters, natural disasters and emergency situations. It features e a Sponsorship Nursery, formerly known as the HELP program, that can house up to 100 kittens and puppies on a daily basis. The kittens are hand-fed and nurtured until they are healthy enough for adoption.

At AnimalLeague.org site, visitors can access a searchable database of available cats or kittens. The site also offers articles on how to choose the right cat or kitten, reasons to adopt two kittens, introducing pets to each other and the benefits of adopting a shelter cat.

KittenRescue.org is a Los Angeles-based group that rescues kittens as young as one week old. The kittens live with foster volunteers who bottle-feed and wean them in preparation for adoption. They are spayed and neutered and receive early vaccinations. KittenRescue.org features a photo gallery in categories that include baby kittens, young kittens and adult cats in need of homes. As of 2015, the adoption fee is $120 for a kitten that is spayed/neutered, microchipped, tested for FIV, treated for fleas, dewormed and vaccinated.

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