Where Can You Print Pictures of Owls?


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Print pictures of owls after downloading them from sites such as the Free Nature Pictures website, Wikimedia Commons and Mark Graf Photography. Depending on the rights of the picture, print them for free or purchase them online. Additionally, DLTK's Coloring website makes owl coloring pages available for printing.

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Owls are birds of prey that range all over the world and thrive in a variety of habitats. With the exception of Antarctica, different species can thrive in harsh climates, from deserts to freezing Arctic temperatures. Despite their many differences, owls are most often nocturnal animals, which means that they hunt during the night and sleep during the day.

Round faces and downward hooked bills characterize owls. Their round faces, or facial discs, act as dishes that move sound waves to their ears, giving them acute hearing that enables them to maneuver in the dark. Owls also boast large eyes, which gives them superior night vision. However, their eyes cannot not move, which means that they have fixed vision.

Although owls are birds of prey like eagles, they don't soar like eagles. Instead, they stay low to the ground, and because their soft-edged feathers don't rustle to alert prey, they can hunt effectively. Once they catch food, they use their hooked beaks to tear it into bite-sized portions.

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