Where Can I Print Out Educational Color Pages About Eagles for Kids?

Where Can I Print Out Educational Color Pages About Eagles for Kids?

AToZKidsStuff.com, EnchantedLearning.com, LucyLearns.com and Homeschooling.About.com are good sources for printable coloring pages and educational activities about eagles for kids. The resources available through these websites are freely accessible and include eagle coloring sheets, along with a variety of fun facts to help children learn more about this bird of prey. Most of the activities focus on the bald eagle.

At AToZKidsStuff.com, visitors may print multiple coloring pages about bald eagles, including an eagle with the American flag and a simple labeling worksheet. The site also offers a printable bald eagle word search puzzle and an assortment of online bald eagle resources, such as facts, videos and jigsaw puzzles,

EnchantedLearning.com offers a simple coloring page with a picture of a bald eagle, as well as an educational bald eagle printout that includes a labeled picture and facts about the bird. Kids can also learn about the golden eagle and the harpy eagle and access similar printable pages.

LucyLearns.com features several hand-drawn bald eagle coloring pages, including a pair of eagles guarding their nest, and an eagle clasping a fish in its talons. A variety of eagle facts are posted between each printable picture and may be pasted into the worksheet to create an educational coloring page.

Homeschooling.About.com has a patriotic bald eagle coloring page in PDF format. The page includes information about the bald eagle as the national bird of the United States, a full-color image of a real bald eagle and a detailed picture to color.