How Can You Prevent Ticks From Biting Cats?


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The most effective way to prevent a cat from tick bites is to apply regularly a topical prevention medication designed for cats, states the TickEncounter Resource Center. Many of the popular tick prevention medications for dogs are lethal to cats, so using the correct medication for a cat is essential.

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How Can You Prevent Ticks From Biting Cats?
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Keeping cats indoors helps keep ticks off, the ASPCA recommends. Any cat that goes outside should be treated with a topical medication such as Frontline Plus or Advantage II. These medications prevent tick bites and flea infestations. If possible, outdoor cats should be limited to a space with low grass and well-maintained gardens, as ticks live in high grass and overgrown plants.

Yards with known tick nests should be treated with anti-tick solutions, suggests the TickEncounter Resource Center. Rodents, particularly mice, carry ticks. If tick-infested mice get into a home, a cat or human is at risk of being bitten by a tick. To prevent rodents from transmitting ticks, tick tubes should be used.

Tick tubes contain cotton treated with preventative medication, states Damminix Tick Tubes. A rodent uses the cotton to build its nest, and the medication kills any ticks that may have been on the rodent or in its nest without harming the animal. Less popular and slightly less effective methods of keeping ticks off cats is a medicated shampoo or tick dip designed for cats. These are available at most pet stores. They are cheaper than topical medications and do not require a prescription, but need to be used more frequently than topical solutions.

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