Where Can You Find Potbelly Pigs for Sale?


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The best place to find potbellied pigs for sale is at a good local breeder's farm. Livestock veterinarians and potbellied pig associations are good sources for breeder recommendations. Animal shelters and livestock rescues also sometimes have potbellied pigs available for adoption.

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Potbellied pigs are a trendy pet as of 2015, so some unethical breeders try to make a profit. Teacup or miniature pigs are especially popular, but these pigs have often been intentionally starved to hinder their growth. This practice is cruel and can lead to long-term health problems, so it is important to find an ethical breeder who cares for the pigs properly.

Pigs are a difficult pet to care for because they are highly intelligent and social. They become destructive if they are not given enough socialization, play and exercise, and they are large enough to cause serious damage to homes or yards. This results in a large number of unwanted pigs that wind up at municipal animal shelters, general livestock sanctuaries or pig-specific rescues. Local potbellied pig clubs are a good way to find rescued pigs in need of homes.

Potbellied pigs are sometimes available at livestock auctions, swap meets and other sales, but inexperienced people should avoid buying a pig from these sources. A good breeder or rescue organization is much safer because it makes sure that the pigs are healthy and typically provide ongoing advice and support.

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