Where Can You Find a Poster With Facts About Leopards?


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As of 2015, allposters.com, redbubble.com and visual.ly offer posters and visual infographics that have facts pertaining to the leopard. The selection of leopard posters that have facts about leopards is small in comparison to those without facts.

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Where Can You Find a Poster With Facts About Leopards?
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Infographic materials exist, but only some are available in poster format. A large part of the posters available provide information on big cats generally, not just on leopards. However, animal conservation organizations offer easily accessible educational resources for teachers, families, and children specific to leopards.

The Clouded Leopard Project, located at cloudedleopard.org, offers free education resources for the clouded leopard, an endangered species of leopard in Southeast Asia, in addition to teaching resources. The conservation project aims to conserve the population and habitats of clouded leopards by supporting research, local education and raising awareness about issues affecting the continued survival of clouded leopards in the wild. The awareness portion of the project translates into accessible educational guides for teachers, as well as fact sheets, maps and coloring pages for children.

Similarly, snowleapord.org offers educational resources for educators in addition to a wide selection of photos, videos and interactive pages that allow students to get involved with the conservation efforts of select big cats around the world.

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