Where Can You Find Pictures of Skin Diseases on Dogs?


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Dog Health Guide and WebMD both offer photos of dog skin diseases and conditions along with information on treatment and prognoses. WebMD offers a slideshow with 19 slides and pictures of dog skin problems, while Dog Health Guide offers an even more comprehensive gallery of skin condition photos.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Skin Diseases on Dogs?
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Slides on the WebMD presentation include slides picturing allergic dermatitis, yeast infection and folliculitis, which is an infection that causes scabs, bumps and sores on canine skin. Impetigo, sebhorrhea and ringworm pictures are also featured. The skin condition mange, which is caused by mites, or tiny skin parasites, is also discussed and pictured in the presentation. Pictures of dogs suffering from flea and tick infestations as well as pictures of dry skin are provided, since the latter is one of the most common symptoms of skin disease, mange and allergies in dogs.

Dog Health Guide publishes a gallery of skin disease photos for dog owners along with information about symptoms related to dog skin disorders, causes of skin disease and information about diagnosing skin problems. Rashes and other skin irritation caused by flea bites, bacterial skin infections, mange and fungus are all pictured. The site also lists breed-specific skin diseases; for example, poodles are prone to follicular casts and alopecia, according to the Dog Health Guide.

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